Becoming Whole Retreats

Wholeness after abuse- A Journey Home to Self, Breaking Free from the Past, and Embracing a Vibrant Future


A sanctuary dedicated to transformation & self discovery.

We offer a transformative sanctuary for healing, empowering you to break free from abusive relational patterns and childhood trauma, guiding you back to the essence of self-love and resilience.

Who this is for

This is for you – the brave survivors and recent escapists of abuse and cults, the resilient souls navigating the complexities of CPTSD, and those recovering from heartbreak.

Abuse Survivors

To the warriors overcoming narcissistic abuse, friendship, and coworker abuse, mental, emotional, sexual, and physical abuse, this sanctuary is yours.

Black Sheep

We acknowledge the profound impact of the mother, father, abandonment, scapegoat, and not-being-believed wounds.

Trauma Thrivers

For those overcoming CPTSD, healing childhood trauma, navigating the aftermath of abusive relationships or a narcissistic divorce.

What you will receive

Emotional Healing

Rediscover emotional resilience and well-being through therapeutic practices, guided sessions, and a supportive community.

Renewed self esteem

Elevate your self-worth and confidence as you engage in empowering workshops that highlight your inherent strengths.

Physical Detox

Enjoy nourishing meals, invigorating activities, and mindful practices that cleanse the body, promoting holistic wellness.

Plan for your future

Chart a clear and empowering course for your future through personalized goal-setting sessions and visionary workshops.

Retreat Highlights

We Think you Can Fit in One of Our Retreats

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